Master your mind to master your life

Oftentimes our mind tends to wander or race making us feel like there is a whirlwind of thoughts going ‘round and round in our head. Naturally, our mind has a tendency to be busy. Sometimes even creating a “reality” that is far from actual reality. Just think of the time you saw a colleague in the street who passed by without saying hello. Your mind might be immediately thinking your colleague ignored you, you think back to the last time you saw each other, maybe you had a little disagreement and now your colleague passes you without even a smile or acknowledging you…and there goes the whirlwind of thoughts; when in actual reality your colleague was deeply in thought, just didn’t see you and doesn’t even know you just passed each other.

Maybe your mind gets easily distracted, for example when you see someone enjoying a hot cup of tea on TV, feel yourself wanting one, and as you get up to go to the kitchen to make yourself a cup you notice your favourite shirt hanging over a chair reminding you it needs mending, then as you go to get your sewing kit you come across an open magazine with the article you already promised yourself earlier you would finish reading, when just in that moment your phone starts ringing…as you finish your conversation you go back to your seat to continue watching TV.

Sometimes letting our thoughts run free can feel very energy zapping and time-wasting; spending hours and hours thinking and overthinking, creating a situation which in reality at that point does not exist, but by creating in our mind, let’s say a rift with a colleague, already predetermines our actions to a certain point helping along the actual creation of, for example, a rift. Or think of a situation you allowed your thoughts to wander for hours on end without actually taking action possibly even leaving you feel exhausted and like the entire time was wasted, feeling inefficient and unsatisfied due to the lack of a result or outcome.

This is where mastering the mind comes in. Learning to still and focus the mind, not allowing it to wander at free will and possibly loosing precious time. Resulting in better use of available time in life, no matter how little, seeing the facts and accepting what is, in the moment. Meditation can help. The aim of Meditation is to focus and still the mind, to stay connected to the moment. Being consciously awake and aware surrendered to what is. One of the benefits of meditation practice often experienced is the sensation of a mental reboot. As the mind relaxes, our perspective starts to shift and realign with actual reality, helping us to make clearer decisions and easier solve once seemingly troubling issues. With regular practice, mind stillness can translate into daily life, enabling us to deal with tasks at hand more efficiently and effectively, stay calm under pressure and feel more in control when things get challenging. Mastering your mind can mean mastering your life.

After all, there is a reason for Ganga White’s wise words ‘Meditation doesn’t take time – it gives time’.


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