The simple way to recharge

Do you ever have the feeling of not having enough hours in a day to get everything done? The feeling of dealing with a never ending to-do-list or not having enough time to spend quality time with your loved ones or even by yourself? In reality, there is always more to be done, another commitment to be fulfilled. However, no matter how busy our day, sometimes we just need to take time out and switch off to recharge.

In a seemingly ever faster spinning world it is becoming more and more difficult, yet even more important to take time off to check-in and ground ourselves from the madness of what might have been our day – every day.

Our brain can only process so much. When things get too much that’s when we perceive stress. Even something as simple as having too many emails coming into our inbox at once can be perceived as stress.

We experience stress when demands exceed our capabilities or means. And it is the stress we experience in our mind which alters the way we feel, think, and behave. Sometimes just 5 minutes of consciously slowing down, stopping the task at hand, finding a quiet place to sit, breathe and just be, can make all the difference in a day. Mindfulness and meditation can help calm a stressed mind. Simply set some time aside every day to engage in mindful activity, instead of trying to multi-task and juggle too many things at once. Sit down to truly enjoy a cup of tea, read a few pages in a good book, go for a walk, enjoy a yoga or meditation class…whatever it is you choose to do, do it fully present giving it your undivided attention and notice how it will recharge and re-energize you.


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