Celebrate You

With yet another year nearing its end reminding us once again how fast time seems to go by, we tend to reflect on the past months. And by doing so, hopefully more acknowledging and celebrating achievements than calling ourselves out on what we have not yet done, or we think we must do before the end of this year.

Let’s face it, often we are too hard on ourselves, brushing over great moments, barely acknowledging those, and getting disappointed by our own high-set expectations, focusing on what marks have been missed instead of what has been gained and what lessons have been learned on the way.

However, this is where the true beauty of life lies. Many times, we cannot predict how things turn out even if we stick to our own set game-plan. Often life takes unpredictable and unexpected turns leaving us with a choice of either going with the flow and accepting or enjoying life in the moment and adapt our so-called game plan, or worry, fight and struggle to find a way to stick to what in our mind is the set path we should be travelling on. The later oftentimes tends to leave us exhausted, unhappy, and possibly unfulfilled. Whenever we do choose to accept and face a challenge head on, when we are open to adapt and receptive to learn, we find we are able to change and grow from the experience and most importantly come out stronger than before. So this time, if you do look back and let the year once again pass by in your mind, take an approach of acknowledging your accomplishments, celebrate your achievements, appreciate even the tiniest moments of joy and cherish the wonderful person you are.


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