Five reasons to go on a retreat

IMG_5100Every year I make a point of going on a retreat myself, leaving my family at home. I always look forward to my retreat time and know my loved ones are happy for me to take some time off, to re-charge and do something just for myself.

My last yoga retreat took me to Italy followed by Meditation in Santorini. I love going on a retreat no matter whether it is for one day, a long weekend or even longer to get out of routine, away from busyness and probably most of all to have an excuse to not always be available by phone or online. My top five reasons for treating myself are:

  • Enjoy some alone time
  • Get a different view at life
  • Get inspired and allow for new ideas to come up
  • Re-set my mind-set
  • Experience something new or unique

And without fail, at the end of any retreat I am always happy to return to my loved ones, feeling refreshed and with a spring in my step, grateful what already is in my life, and excited to make the changes I have come to realize I want to make. Win-win for everyone.


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