8 easy ways to show yourself some love

December is all about sharing, caring, love, joy and happiness. All too often we forget about ourselves trying to please everyone else. This month try to add a little more selfcare to your daily routine.

Selfcare is not a luxury or selfishness, it is a necessity and vital to experience wellness and happiness. Only if we take care of ourselves, can we truly take care of others. Selfcare does not have to be something extraordinary, or even cost a thing. It can be as simple as making your bed in the morning, choosing nutritious food or ensuring you get enough sleep.

Here are eight more easy ways to show yourself some love:

Get cozy to read a book or watch a good movie

Get together with a friend to catch up over a glass of wine

Enjoy a family fun day out

Get a massage

Enjoy a bubble bath

Enjoy a candlelit dinner

Have breakfast in bed

Take a day off to do absolutely nothing


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