Tuning in

How often in life do we just go through the motions automatically, have a conversation or complete a task without registering what is being said or done?

This is what happens when our body and mind are totally disconnected and it is time to take a step back, focus on the ‘here’ and ‘now’ and take a deep breath.

Yes, sure we breathe, all the time, mechanically, subconsciously, but do we ever notice what happens when we consciously focus on our breath and tune in with ourselves?

Just give it a try – right here and right now. Go on, take a deep breath in, notice the stream of air entering your body through your nose, breathe right into your belly, allow it to expand, and now slowly, gently exhale through your nose, feel the air leaving your belly, allow it to deflate. Keep going, breathe slowly, consciously in and out through your nose. Feel how your body, the muscles throughout your body start to relax, scan your body and focus on each body part just long enough to notice it soften.

Then shift your focus to your surroundings, tune in to the sounds around you, hear them but do not identify them, feel the air around you brushing on your skin, notice the scents surrounding you, experience your life in the ‘here’ and ‘now’ with all your senses.

All it takes is taking a few conscious deep breaths…so go ahead and dive into your life – consciously live and experience it to the fullest.



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