Finding Happiness

Ever wonder what is happiness? Happiness seems to have a different meaning for different people, it seems to be immeasurable and probably indefinable and that’s ok. Just imagine happiness would be the same for everyone and this “one certain thing” – wouldn’t it be very expensive, high in demand and hard to get hold of? Luckily it is not. Happiness is something money cannot buy, making it impossible to put a price on – and guess what – available to everyone to have in life.

All it takes is a bit of soul-searching, tuning in with yourself and figuring out what it is that will allow you to experience the feeling of happiness.

No idea where to start? How about eliminating or tweaking the things you feel are currently making you unhappy in your life and appreciating what you already have. Give it a try and you will be one or maybe two or three steps closer to finding happiness.

finding happiness


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