Take a break

We are half way through the summer and I hope you are enjoying your break, taking time off to reboot and relax and have started the second half of this year full of energy. Personally, I love taking a break in the middle of the year, enjoying the beauty this great island is offering, gettingContinue reading “Take a break”

Embrace your inner yogi

Did you know many yogis and yoginis choose to be vegetarians to align with the yogic principle of ahimsa – non-harming or non-violence? This principle of non-harming refers to everything in life from the tangible to the intangible. We might not be born a yogi or yogini but surely, if we have been brought upContinue reading “Embrace your inner yogi”

Meditation for relaxation

Trouble falling asleep, hours after hours lying awake at night, tossing, turning, feeling restless, worried or stressed? Meditation might help. From my own experience as a yoga teacher and evident in my classes it has happened numerous times that students have complained about difficulties going to sleep at night only to fall asleep during SavasanaContinue reading “Meditation for relaxation”

Spring into action

Spring is here, and with that time to spring into action to create new habits. Have you ever looked at another person’s life and thought theirs is so much better than yours? Getting the impression life is greener on the other side? Admittedly, social media does not help these days to feel happy and satisfied,Continue reading “Spring into action”

Finding stillness

As we shape our body through physical practice, yoga encourages our mind to focus on what is happening within. Yoga encourages us to become more observant and thus more knowledgeable about ourselves and receptive of information. Stilling the mind also allows us to quieten and listen internally and externally and become more in tune withContinue reading “Finding stillness”

Yoga gives time

Ganga White (a recognized pioneer of American yoga) said “Yoga doesn’t take time, it gives time.” What you learn on the mat translates into every aspect of your life. Imagine your life as a huge vessel or vase that can hold so much. It is up to you to fill it with as many goodContinue reading “Yoga gives time”