Celebrate You

With yet another year nearing its end reminding us once again how fast time seems to go by, we tend to reflect on the past months. And by doing so, hopefully more acknowledging and celebrating achievements than calling ourselves out on what we have not yet done, or we think we must do before theContinue reading “Celebrate You”

Master your mind to master your life

Oftentimes our mind tends to wander or race making us feel like there is a whirlwind of thoughts going ‘round and round in our head. Naturally, our mind has a tendency to be busy. Sometimes even creating a “reality” that is far from actual reality. Just think of the time you saw a colleague inContinue reading “Master your mind to master your life”

The simple way to recharge

Do you ever have the feeling of not having enough hours in a day to get everything done? The feeling of dealing with a never ending to-do-list or not having enough time to spend quality time with your loved ones or even by yourself? In reality, there is always more to be done, another commitment toContinue reading “The simple way to recharge”

Logging out to check in

During my holiday, I decided to completely disconnect from FaceBook and email. No posts, no scrolling down the newsfeed, no replying or even checking for emails – not logging in at all. Possible? You bet! Was I tempted? A little (ok, more than a little) Were the moments lived and the memories created worth leavingContinue reading “Logging out to check in”

Take a break

We are half way through the summer and I hope you are enjoying your break, taking time off to reboot and relax and have started the second half of this year full of energy. Personally, I love taking a break in the middle of the year, enjoying the beauty this great island is offering, gettingContinue reading “Take a break”

The choice is yours

Have you ever had the experience of life flowing calmly, everything working out just as you want it and then all of a sudden everything comes to a halt and things are just not right anymore because of x,y,z happening and now challenging the beautiful flow that existed? Next time this happens buckle up and stepContinue reading “The choice is yours”

Embrace your inner yogi

Did you know many yogis and yoginis choose to be vegetarians to align with the yogic principle of ahimsa – non-harming or non-violence? This principle of non-harming refers to everything in life from the tangible to the intangible. We might not be born a yogi or yogini but surely, if we have been brought upContinue reading “Embrace your inner yogi”

How to get started with a yoga home practice

If your days are busy your time is precious, and that makes it sometimes, if not always, hard to find time for yourself. Why not take a little bit of time first thing in the morning when you wake up and dedicate it to your yoga practice? Below is a short sequence you can tryContinue reading “How to get started with a yoga home practice”

Happy New Year!

With a week into the new year here is to a great year ahead! Did you make a new year’s resolution, maybe abandon the thought a few days later, or did you greet the new year and all it has to offer with open arms and an open mind ready to embrace new opportunities? EitherContinue reading “Happy New Year!”

‘Tis the season to be grateful

No matter what x-mas means to you or whether you are celebrating the festive season in a traditional or more innovative way, ‘tis the season to be grateful. Most of us view the end of the current year and the beginning of the new one as an opportunity to start fresh with whatever it mayContinue reading “‘Tis the season to be grateful”