10-week Yoga Somatics Course

starting 05.10.2019 Saturdays 15:00hrs

Starting on Saturday, October 5th, this 10-week Somatics course consists of very slow-paced weekly classes, explaining in detail the concept and exercises to teach participants the technique of pandiculation and a series of somatic movements and exercises to retrain their nervous system with the effect of pain reduction and improved functional mobility. This can be particularly useful for people with chronic muscular pain, back pain, should/neck tension, sciatica etc.

Participants will learn the technique of pandiculation to retrain muscle memory and relieve pain, gain greater body awareness, improve their body’s functionality and learn how to maintain it in daily life.

Registration for this course has now closed. To confirm your interest for participation in the next course please submit your details below.

Current course class dates: Oct: 05,12,19th – Nov: 02,09,16,23,30th – Dec: 07,14th

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