10-week Meditation Course

starting 05.10.2019 Saturdays 16:30hrs

Learn how to meditate and unplug from daily life and stress. Get to know and try different ways of meditation and mindfulness. This course teaches you how meditation works, so you can experience how it helps to alleviate stress, can aid pain reduction, increases focus, concentration and self-awareness and how it effects and improves your overall wellbeing.

In a warm and welcoming studio setting connect with like-minded people and find out which meditation style works best for you. Each session will allow time for questions and sharing of meditation experiences. Starting with bite-size meditation practices, throughout the course we will work our way up to a longer practice to help you establish your own home practice.

Sign up to learn how to get started with meditation, find out how to live more consciously and make the best use of this powerful tool in everyday life, and how to commit to a regular practice outside class.

Class dates: Oct: 05,12,19th – Nov: 02,09,16,23,30th – Dec: 07,14th

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