Yoga to boost your mood

As the year is nearing its end it makes for a great time to reflect on the past months, lessons learnt, adventures experienced and achievements accomplished and it offers and opportunity to look ahead, re-evaluating what is still on that list of things to complete before the turn of the year, which places to visitContinue reading “Yoga to boost your mood”

New Year’s resolution – here’s to a happier, healthier YOU!

As the year is coming to an end, things seem to magically fall into place. Last loose ends are being tied up and one or two decisions are being taken looking ahead and into the New Year. Maybe the somewhat obligatory new year’s resolution of going on a diet starting on the morning of JanuaryContinue reading “New Year’s resolution – here’s to a happier, healthier YOU!”

8 Easy ways to avoid winter blues…because life is good

It’s that time of year again when the days get shorter, nights get longer and darkness seems to take over. Time to adjust and make the best of enjoying the colder season. Here are 8 ways how: 1. Dress warm but dress with style. Making sure you feel AND look good in your clothes willContinue reading “8 Easy ways to avoid winter blues…because life is good”

5 Simple steps to break out of the daily grind

In today’s world, life seems to become more and more fast-paced and hectic, making us feel as if it’s just passing by. The omni-present Internet (hello smartphone, Facebook, e-mails) and increasingly expected 24-hr availability on the job and at home are making it near impossible to connect with our inner self. There always seems toContinue reading “5 Simple steps to break out of the daily grind”

Living in the moment

We “live” every moment of our life….but do we really? Isn’t it human nature to focus on the negative things? Just looking at the news proofs that negative or bad things are more news worthy, gain more coverage and simply gain more attention. What happens when we turn it all around and instead focus onContinue reading “Living in the moment”

5 ways to stop stress before it starts

Holding on to stress is unhealthy and unnecessary. Here are 5 ways to stop stress before it starts: Breathe – Take a few minutes out, reconnect with your inner self and take a few deep breaths. Don’t let the situation rule you – be in charge of the situation and decide its outcome. Focus –Continue reading “5 ways to stop stress before it starts”

Tasty mid-morning energiser

Sometimes life just gets so hectic that when mid-morning hunger strikes all there seem to be easily available are sugar laden junk food snacks… How about this easy to prepare (it only takes 2 minutes and can be prepared ahead of time) mid-morning snack to nourish your body and replenish your energy? 1 cup lowContinue reading “Tasty mid-morning energiser”

Finding Happiness

Ever wonder what is happiness? Happiness seems to have a different meaning for different people, it seems to be immeasurable and probably indefinable and that’s ok. Just imagine happiness would be the same for everyone and this “one certain thing” – wouldn’t it be very expensive, high in demand and hard to get hold of? LuckilyContinue reading “Finding Happiness”