3 simple and effective ways to get back into your wellness routine

Commit your time

According to scientific research it takes about 2 months to create and manifest a new habit. For 6-8 weeks schedule your yoga practice/ meditation/ morning walk/ workout or whatever it is you want to add to your life firmly into your daily or weekly schedule. Then stick to it. It’s as simple as that. Come rain or shine stay with your intention and follow though to make your new habit stick.

Reward yourself

A few weeks in, reward yourself with a new piece of clothing or equipment such as a feel-good shirt, yoga mat, refillable water bottle or anything else serving as motivation to keep you going whilst feeling good in the process.

Partner up

Let people know and even get a family member, friend or colleague to join you and share the experience of the journey. Committing to a new habit and sharing it with other people helps you stick to it. Whether it is practicing yoga and attending class together or meeting in the gym or on your morning walks, or whether you chose to go it alone and say meditate individually and then discuss the experience, challenges and benefits with your new “healthy-habit-buddy” or blog about it. Either way, letting people know you are embarking on this journey helps you to fully commit.

Now all that’s left to do is decide what healthy habit/s you want to create for greater wellness and happiness in your life.


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