How to make more time for yourself

Do you ever get the feeling there are not enough hours in a day? If it feels like you never have time for yourself, always seem to rush and cannot find even 10 minutes to have a quiet moment, read a book or simply sit in stillness, here is a great way to claim time just for yourself.

Get up earlier

Start your day just a bit earlier – and if you are a fan of the snooze button – get rid of it.

Take it from me: when you choose to live with a dog, lie-ins are rare. Your canine’s urge to get outside will be stronger than your early-morning desire fighting to remain put for just a bit longer. Over the past couple of years I have learned to “sacrifice” my snooze time, those 15-45 minutes after your alarm has gone off and you hit the snooze button for at least 3-5 times before actually getting up, and instead traded it for an enjoyable morning walk with my furry fellow. Despite never having been a morning person, even early on (and yes the first few weeks can be tough) I started to see the benefit of getting an early start.

Enjoy time just for yourself

So, the next time your alarm rings do not press snooze. Instead take a few moments to wake up, gently stretching in bed before getting up and setting off on a morning walk. Feel the cool breeze of the morning air before the heat of the day is absorbed by the street, enjoy the beauty of the rays of the still rising sun, hear the singing of the birds before the traffic of the city drowns out their songs, smile and greet fellow (dog 😉) walkers you meet on your way, or, if going for a walk is not your thing use that extra time ( I call it “me” time) to start your day any way you desire to feel happy, uplifted, more awake and ready to take on what lies ahead.

What would you do for yourself with 15-45 minutes more time?



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