Bigger, better and beyond

Your body, your choice. This is something I express often and try to bring across during class. Simply for the reason that everyone is different, everyone has different needs, every day is different, some days we are in need of more, some days of less. Sometimes less simply is more.

Yoga is not a competition, nor is it about acrobatics or forcing our body into positions and poses it is not designed, ready or able to go into or be in. Yoga is about being in the moment, exploring our body and mind, expecting less, experiencing, and accepting more.

Neither yoga, nor life are about the destination but about the journey. It is not about how fast we get somewhere but how we get there.

In yoga there is no judgement. For instance, we might feel we did not really work in class if there is no sweat or at least a little ache or pain however that is just a perception which has built up in our mind. After all, it is not about exertion but exploration, mindfulness, kindness and presence which often brings more happiness, pleasure and awareness on and off the mat. If one is able to do more because one is stronger or more flexible or simply wanting more, that’s great, however it does not mean it is better. A lot of times all it requires is our full presence to understand that how things are in the moment is all that is needed at that time. No “going bigger, better, and beyond” necessary.



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