Mindfulness for daily life

Yoga, being the practice of bringing together body & mind, teaches us to be mindful. So how can we easily invite more mindfulness into daily life?

Ganga White said Yoga doesn’t take time it gives time. How can that be? When we are connected to our self, to what we do, feel, see, hear, taste, when we are mindfully present, we truly experience something and it’s those experiences that make up our memory and our life. Mindfulness can turn ordinary things into extraordinary ones, it can make a mundane task a special experience, it can turn a chore into an interesting and, yes, enjoyable undertaking. It can help us better understand who we are, what helps us thrive, our needs and how to regain balance, focus, and calm when things around us are moving fast.

To bring more mindfulness into your daily life simply try these and I promise, it will not take more time.

When you:

Sit down for a drink or meal, and before taking your first sip or bite, just take in the aroma. Let it linger for a moment and notice how you are feeling as you sit. Acknowledge any memories that might be triggered. Then give it a taste, notice the temperature, texture and how it feels in your mouth. Give it your full attention, enjoy every sip or bite and notice how it can ground and calm you.

Take your kids to school or afternoon practice, or walk your dog becoming fully aware of your surroundings. Look around a little longer, take a closer look at what you can see, and you will discover things you might have never noticed before. Pay full attention to your kids or pet and become aware of their little habits or excitement and acknowledge, enjoy, and be grateful for the moments you get to share with them.

On your mat and in life look a little closer, discover, explore, don’t be afraid to experiment or try out something new, adjust and make changes as you need and embrace the intention of being in the moment.



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