Take a break

We are half way through the summer and I hope you are enjoying your break, taking time off to reboot and relax and have started the second half of this year full of energy.

Personally, I love taking a break in the middle of the year, enjoying the beauty this great island is offering, getting inspired and working on new ideas away from the routine.

A break is a good way to get out of a rut, look at things from a different perspective, evaluate whether the path being travelled on is the one that leads to where one wants to go, or whether it is time to switch things up, make a change, and even dive into an adventure. In short, checking in with oneself from time to time instead of always being on the fast track. And the summer heat invites for a slowdown, enjoying the sunset, getting together with friends, or going for a walk through the old town still feeling the heat of the day rising from the asphalt. It is worth keeping in mind that everything done mindfully is doing yoga in some form. It does not always have to be physical practice.

To keep up with practice over the summer when the heat takes over, time is short and days are long my favourite go to pose is Childs Pose (Balasana) – a perfect invitation to slow down and turn ones focus inside no matter what time of day.

Starting on all fours, hands under shoulders, knees under hips, bring your big toes to touch and your knees slightly wider apart than your hips. On an exhale sink your hips back inviting your gluteus to rest on your heels, surrendering into your hip space and allowing your torso to rest on or between your thighs. With your forehead on the ground or eye gaze to the side allow yourself to sink deeper into the pose with every breath finding relaxation. Checking in whether it feels good keeping your hands stretched out over head on the ground or maybe resting them alongside the body with palms facing up. Stay for as many breaths as feels comfortable.

Benefits: lengthens the spine and may provide release for lower back pain, stretches the top of the feet, provides for a gentle hip stretch and relaxes the body.


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