The choice is yours

Have you ever had the experience of life flowing calmly, everything working out just as you want it and then all of a sudden everything comes to a halt and things are just not right anymore because of x,y,z happening and now challenging the beautiful flow that existed? Next time this happens buckle up and step on the gas! The choice is yours. You might laugh, you might cry, you may feel disappointment, or sheer anger. Whatever it is, take the ride with eyes and ears wide open.

Every challenge is an opportunity for change. Some challenges come uninvited, others unexpected and suddenly, and again others completely planned for and consciously awaited. Whatever the challenge – it always brings an opportunity to re-evaluate and re-connect with ones’ ethics and virtues as well as a nudge to get out of ones’ comfort zone. Because outside of the comfort zone is where life really happens, were great things are created and magic can be experienced.

Everyone has their own challenges and of those some might be bigger than others. Yes, some challenges might be crushing and devastating at first, others just plain difficult to deal with, and then there are those that turn out to be a blessing in disguise. Challenges come and go to test our strength and determination physically and mentally, sometimes they shake us to the core testing our fundamental believes.  Whatever the challenge, choose to keep your cool, evaluate the facts, and look at what can be learnt or gained from the new situation. In short, focus on the good because whatever life throws at us, whatever path we choose to take, it will not be all blue skies and pink roses with the sun shining every day. However, it is up to us how we encounter a challenge, what choices me make to, in the end, regain calmness and content.

Surely, an option may be to ignore or deny the fact that a challenge has presented itself, or figuratively speaking put our head into the sand, or maybe even kick and scream, fighting it with all we got mostly meaning we will struggle to come to terms with the facts and find difficulties adjusting to the new reality. A better choice – and this has become my favorite over the years – is to accept any challenge, like a mountain to be climbed, with an opportunity to pick up new skills, get to know oneself a little bit better on the way to the top, look at what can be learnt from the experience and what can be changed for the better and improved upon, be it referring to our own life or those around us. In other words, being calm and content with what is. The more we can embrace a challenge (on the mat and in life) the more we can learn from it, the more we can grow and become the best we can possibly be.


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