Embrace your inner yogi

Did you know many yogis and yoginis choose to be vegetarians to align with the yogic principle of ahimsa – non-harming or non-violence? This principle of non-harming refers to everything in life from the tangible to the intangible.

We might not be born a yogi or yogini but surely, if we have been brought up sensibly, we have been taught from an early age not to do harm, to be ‘nice’ to others, not to do ‘this’ or not to say ‘that’. As we make our choices in life to align with our own principles we might not even realize that our choices also align to some extend with yogic philosophy and principles. And it might be then, when we do realize we are already somewhat on the yogic path, that we decide to embrace it even more, consciously choosing to follow that path without it feeling forced but rather as something natural. A calling developing all on its own as we feel more receptive to it the closer we look at it.

Expanding this a little further and into all levels of yogic philosophy it also means to be non-harming towards ourselves in every way. Who doesn’t know those negative thoughts that sometimes creep into our mind when we did not do as well as we would have liked or when we feel inadequate, not good enough or simply disappointed? Yes, negative self-talk is harming. After all, most of the things we might sometimes say to ourselves we would not say to a friend or even a stranger. Instead, try thinking positive in every way. Pay yourself and those around you a compliment more often, be grateful for what is, thank yourself and others every day, hold a door open for a colleague, smile at a stranger, laugh often and be good to yourself in every way possible.

As for becoming a vegetarian, it might not be a choice you would willingly make but how about choosing plant based nutrition over meat based food more often than not. Just take a moment to think about the misery most livestock have to go through solely for the purpose of landing on someone’s plate. Going vegetarian might not be such a bad idea after all. Your body will thank you for it too.

So go ahead, embrace your inner yogi.


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