Happy New Year!

2017-01-beach-medWith a week into the new year here is to a great year ahead! Did you make a new year’s resolution, maybe abandon the thought a few days later, or did you greet the new year and all it has to offer with open arms and an open mind ready to embrace new opportunities? Either way, I hope you had a good start!

A few years ago, after decades of coming up with new year’s resolutions and miserably failing I decided it was time to look at starting a fresh new year from a different angle. Instead of dictating to myself what I wanted to stop doing, after all we all have vices, or how to live my life (admittedly mostly according to what I thought was expected of me), I nowadays simply try to find new opportunities to live in the now, in the present moment, finding joy in the simplest things ultimately living in a much fuller and intense way. Always striving to do what feels good, creating happiness one moment at a time, day by day. Accepting challenges and things or circumstances I cannot change or influence, and appreciate moments shared, experiences gained and lessons learned.

No matter how much or little time there is available, I am choosing to live more consciously and my yoga practice reminds me of that on a daily basis. Be it spending quality time, present, fully enjoying with all senses, offline – yes, that means not looking at Facebook or browsing the internet without reason -, finding stillness, or walking the dog, enjoying the view or a good cup of coffee, or practicing on the mat…Finding joy in every moment.

Although admittedly, having a dog helps providing for lots of laughter daily, even without a canine friend by one’s side life is full of great moments, heartfelt smiles and little wonders. The “secret” is not to seek but rather notice and appreciate. Often these little moments tend to pass us by simply because we are pre-occupied, not really present or simply not receptive, or too busy being angry, upset or otherwise turned towards negativity and away from the beauty of life.

So instead of a new year’s resolution why not simply devote this year to loving yourself more. Tune in, become aware and simply enjoy the ride.




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