Finding stillness

As we shape our body through physical practice, yoga encourages our mind to focus on what is happening within. Yoga encourages us to become more observant and thus more knowledgeable about ourselves and receptive of information.

Stilling the mind also allows us to quieten and listen internally and externally and become more in tune with ourselves and our surrounding.

How many times do we act seemingly on autopilot without realising what we are doing; like putting away something, only to look for it moments later not remembering where we have placed the certain item? How many times do we eat without actually tasting or enjoying the food wondering afterwards where it has all gone? How many times do we have a conversation with someone only to realize we did not listen enough and therefore missed a big part of their story?

Often times our mind wanders in circles, repeating the same pattern of thoughts. Only when we can still our mind can we truly connect to ourselves, to the very moment; being more observant and receptive.

Various ways can help stopping the mind from wandering such as focusing on ones breathing – the sound, the length, the feeling and the quality of the breath. Another great way, especially during meditation, is scanning all parts of one’s body with the intention of relaxing those even more.

The more we connect to ourselves, to our surrounding, the more we can experience life and live it to the fullest. In yoga there is no ultimate level per se. There is always more to discover, more to become aware of, more to understand. Yoga is abundance.

The more we practice the more we learn. See you on the mat!

2016 03 quietening


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