Change is good

With the closing of the studio the project has now come to a full circle. Thank you to everyone who supported the studio and helped make it a success! Your energy was vital and contributed hugely. The connections and friends made along the way and the energy and practice shared have all been more than worth to start the project and now it is on to the next one. It sure was a difficult decision to close the studio though hopefully the community built and connections made will continue to flourish and grow.

Change – come to think of it – represents the natural circle of life. Nothing stays as it is. Everything is evolving and changing. Yes, change can be scary, at times bring difficulties or challenges but this only helps us to grow, become a better version of ourselves; it makes us stronger and wiser to help us achieve our dreams. Our dreams being the mission we have chosen ourselves for the life we are living. And just think of all the opportunities and new possibilities change opens the door to, helping us achieve those dreams!

It is important to keep challenging yourself, continuing to get out of that comfort zone, continuing to learn and grow instead of standing still and waiting for life to pass by. Let the magic happen by making it happen! Afterall life is about grabbing it and making the best out of it. And as Mae West once said: “you only live once but if you do it well, once is enough”.

See you back on the mat at the new location starting March 16th.

You Only Live Once


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