New Year’s resolution – here’s to a happier, healthier YOU!


As the year is coming to an end, things seem to magically fall into place. Last loose ends are being tied up and one or two decisions are being taken looking ahead and into the New Year.

Maybe the somewhat obligatory new year’s resolution of going on a diet starting on the morning of January 01st, committing to a gym membership to work off the additional calories consumed and the oh-so-strict all or nothing “no chocolate, no sweets” policy are being brought back to mind for consideration.

This being approved on December 31st as the year draws to an end with an overload of calorie consumption over the festive days washed down with an exorbitant amount of alcohol to greet the new year…only for the same resolution to be tossed out the window the very next morning, greeted with a pounding headache, body feeling too heavy to move even an inch and that little voice inside loudly screaming for fried bacon and eggs as anything halfway nutritious just would not cut it to overcome the shameless binge of last night’s celebrations. And we all know how it goes from there….

How about a fresh start, a new perspective and instead looking at the whole scenario as what it really is – a voluntary choice of lifestyle change? A lifestyle change making conscious decisions of what the body is being offered to be nurtured and taken care of. Wisely choosing which artificial “foods” to indulge in, which ones to skip and consciously deciding to eat more nutritious food, appreciating the raw and delicious flavour of fruit and vegetables instead of man-made, sugary, chemical laden consumables.

Same way one would consciously choose not to support forced labour, bribery or corruption. Simply being kind to oneself by not forcing the body to process zero-value or low-value consumables, but instead choosing the best food possible to nurture, protect and keep one’s body- and thus the mind- functioning well, happy and healthy. No more guilt-trips of shoulda, coulda, woulda. And if a workout or two are missed it does not matter, as there are no excess or empty calories that need to be kept in check. Besides, exercising is no carte blanch! It does not eradicate empty calories consumed. Instead it is worth keeping in mind that a healthy body is created to approximately 80% trough mindful and selected nutrition and 20% through physical activity.

It is more important to make a conscious decision turning healthy habits into a chosen lifestyle then constantly trying to fix ill-made and unhealthy decisions. After all isn’t this something that applies to almost all aspects of a happy and healthy life?

So cheers to a new year and a happier, healthier new YOU! Cheers to a voluntary lifestyle change!


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