Living in the moment

living in the moment 1

We “live” every moment of our life….but do we really? Isn’t it human nature to focus on the negative things?

Just looking at the news proofs that negative or bad things are more news worthy, gain more coverage and simply gain more attention. What happens when we turn it all around and instead focus on the good stuff in life? Wouldn’t it make life more enjoyable instantly and worth living in the moment?

Just remember the last time you sat at the beach – did you focus on how crowded, hot and sandy it was or did you instead appreciate the fact that living on a small island gives you easy access to the beach no matter where on the island you live, temperatures are enjoyable most year round with little to no extreme weather occurrences and you have a place to walk bare footed, feeling the sand on your skin, going for a dip to cool down if it is hot or for a quiet walk enjoying the fresh and salty aroma of the air when it is cooler? Doesn’t the later leave a better feeling in your body and happier image in your mind?

Now try this next time you are at the beach or out for coffee enjoying a friend’s company, having a meeting exchanging valuable opinions, in your favourite restaurant feeling the texture and taking in the flavour of every bite in your mouth or at home diving into your favourite book enjoying some peaceful quiet time.

Living every moment is so much more than simply being present. It’s about focusing on the good things in life and being grateful for each moment – the perfect foundation for living a happy life.


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