5 ways to stop stress before it starts


Holding on to stress is unhealthy and unnecessary. Here are 5 ways to stop stress before it starts:

Breathe – Take a few minutes out, reconnect with your inner self and take a few deep breaths. Don’t let the situation rule you – be in charge of the situation and decide its outcome.

Focus – Ask yourself what is the worst that could happen and then refocus on the desired outcome of the given situation and visualise it. This will help you calm down and keep you focused.

Take action – Make a plan how you will deal with the situation to get to the desired outcome and then take the necessary steps towards your goal.

Ask for help – If you cannot do it alone ask a friend/ colleague/ professional for help. No-one expects you to do everything by yourself. It is ok to ask for help.

Re-evaluate and move on – ask yourself whether you can distance yourself from the situation and let someone more suited deal with it, or deal with it when you have more time on hand or had a chance to gather your thoughts to make a conscious and well-informed decision. If this is not an option use the above suggestions to deal with the situation swiftly and then move on.


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